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Masonry maintenance is very important. It is very common to have to replace mortar joints in the life of a masonry structure. From time to time walls and building will need to have repairs made weather it be a masonry foundation or a stone wall it is going to happen. choosing the most experienced contractor is very important. using the wrong type of mortar on a repair can lead to a unnecessary damage further down the road. That is why It is very important to chose a contractor that has had and education in historical masonry repair. It is also very important to have masonry water sealed to prevent moisture problems as well. If you have a deterioration masonry wall or chimney give me a call for a free estimate

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Chimneys have been my passion as long as I can remember. the ability to leave a job and know that a chimney will never give a homeowner any problems again is the most gradifiing feeling. Chimneys are complicated structures that require knowledge from not only the professional that services them and repairs them but also the homeowner that used the chimney on a daily bases. It is very important to me that before I leave a home the homeowner is firmly educated in how to use the heating appliance that their chimney uses. I will always sugest the best fit chimney cap for any chimney.

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I started in the chimney repair field at the age of 12 working along side my father. over the last 20 plus years I have become one of the most experienced chimney and masonry  repair specialist in southern Maine. I have worked for a range of company's involving meticulous retrofitting and masonry construction as well as high end finish residential landscape masonry. With this experience in my past I learned that every detail from the smallest head joint on a brick chimney to the shrub that is going next to a walk way all need to be addressed to make a project be completely finished.

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Chimney cap installation, masonry repointing, stone work, stone, rock walls, chimney inspections, chimney topers, chimney crown repair, Masonry fireplace damper repair, chimney cleaning,

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One of my favorite parts of this line of work is installing stone veneer. The ability to build a long lasting artistic centerpiece in a home is awesome. I strive to create well balanced visually stunning stone work. I have studied techniques from many highly skilled masons with a combined experience  of over a few centuries. I would love to give you a free quote for you next natural or cultured stone project.