Where it all started

I Was born in 1982 this is also the year my father started a chimney repair company called Flue Masters. This company is now the  one of the largest most successful chimney repair company in Maine. Well Flue Masters was owned by my father it offered a variedly of chimney repair services ranging from chimney cleaning to full scale chimney rebuilds and everything in-between.  From a young age I would often accompany my father doing chimney cleanings and inspections. I would sit in the truck at some times and read NFP-211 (Chimney safety code book)  and chimney repair supply catalogs. There was I no doubt in my mind at the age of 12 no other boy my age that had the chimney knowledge that I did. As the years few by I learned that chimneys are not just a simple brick structure that vents smoke out of the house but in most homes a essential part that allows the byproduct of heating to safely be expelled from the home. Flue Masters was sold in 2002 to Doug Jones. Doug and his family own and operate Maine Stove and Chimney a division of Flue Masters and I doing a wonderful job at it. I attended Southern Maine Technical Collage in 2003., and furthered my education in the Masonry construction. Then I had the experience of working with some of the regions best mason contractors. I learned many skills and techniques that one can only learn from real world experience from highly skilled masons. I took all of my experience and in the early part of 2013 I struck out on my own and started Pennell's Masonry/. I put pride into every job knowing its done using the best materials, skills, and techniques.  I work hard to provide the best service possible to every customer. Pennell's Masonry is main focus is masonry repair and chimney repair but also offers new installation of Class A chimneys and Pellet venting


Your Chimney and Masonry repair specialist

Charles David Pennell